Our Story:

A visionary young girl adventured on a relentless research in a quest for a lasting solution that would redeem her lost self-esteem and quality of life stolen by a severe facial acne condition. Her skin condition worsened from the use of different products which motivated her to undertake a training on cream formulation in India; armed with the understanding of her skin type and the right products she formulated a solution for her own skin that sparked enormous results.

To reach out to others, she further trained in an Acne Specialist School in the United States of America and also became a Certified Skin Therapist in the United Kingdom. Today, her passionate drive has birthed the renowned “Purity Aesthetics” specialised in treating acne and other skin conditions using non-comodegenic products with a treatment approach from inside the body to outside the skin surface. The products are custom made to fit individual skin types and maintain respective skin colour.


Purity Onashile – CEO

Did you know that-?

  • 90% of the world population is affected by acne at some point in their life;
  • Acne ranked 8th in the list of the most prevalent diseases in the World (2010); and
  • The cost of treatment of acne and loss of productivity to acne is over 3 billion dollars per year in the US.

(Global Acne Report for 2016-2026 at http://www.reportlinker.com)


Did you also know that-?

  • Someone is suffering from anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and a daily mood because of acne (whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, papules, cysts, nodules).
  • No more worries! Purity Aesthetics is in this with you.


Goal: To give your skin a flawless and appealing glow.

Mission: To give your skin esteem boost and confidence.

Vision: To become a revolutionary leader in the fight against skin conditions.

Services: Beauty therapy training, acne specialist training, acne clinic services, skincare products, skincare advice/routines and spa treatments.

Research: Our research team and consultants are constantly in touch with daily life changes and prides itself in ensuring we deliver the right products with potent ingredients at affordable prices.

Slogan: Your skin, Our concern…


Meet the CEO:

Remember the visionary young girl, Purity O’nashile is a Skincare Specialist/Influencer providing result-oriented services to clients and has achieved celebrated successes over the years. She hosts beauty therapy and acne specialist trainings quarterly both online and offline.

She is also a writer and motivational speaker happily married to Pastor Israel O’nashile (Senior Pastor of Corem Assembly) and blessed with three children.



All thanks to our researchers and consultants who dedicates the major part of their time in making sure we serve clientele better and effective everyday, making sure our products contains the right and potent ingredients.